Chapter 2 Public Elementary School and a new house

I remember distinctly my preparation day for kindergarten. All the parents and future students were ushered into the large auditorium and heard a speech or something (okay, some details are somewhat fuzzy).  The students were then treated to a preview ride on the school bus, which was a very different experience than being in the… Continue reading Chapter 2 Public Elementary School and a new house


    The young boy had recently finished Kindergarten and was ready for First Grade.     One day toward the end of the summer he asked his mother “Mom, what comes after First Grade?”  “Second Grade” she responded. After that the young boy asked what about after that, she replied “Third Grade.” The young… Continue reading Introduction


This account is not intended to make the reader feel any special sympathy for me. Rather it is meant to provide insight into the mind of one person on one part of the Autism Spectrum. There are many of us out there and we are not the same by any means. But we do have… Continue reading Preface